"We just closed a $73.5 million plan with 1,600 employees based on what we learned. Kudos Charlie! You exceeded my expectations again!"
~ T. Dougherty, 401k Coach® Member

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"I participated in my first 401k Coach Program 8 years ago and I have gone on to participate in the Year 2 Program and the Masters retreat. These experiences changed the way I do business. I decided to expand my service staff and hire support but it takes time to train new staff and "synchronize" ourselves so I decided to sign up for The 401k Coach Year 1 Refresher. The program has saved me many hours of training my new employee (who participated in the program with me) and allowed me to work in a concentrated amount of time with my new employee. It has brought excitement to my team! What we did is grow faster, bigger, cheaper and better! We just closed a $73.5 million plan with 1,600 employees based on what we learned. Kudos Charlie! You exceeded my expectations again!

If you have participated in The 401k Coach Program in the past and are currently considering expanding your team, I highly recommend The Year 1 Refresher! You will generate new energy, excitement, refine your process and accelerate your growth!"
~ T. Dougherty, 401k Coach® Member

"When we started the program three years ago, I think I had 4 plans. Today, I manage over 55 different plans and will look to add probably 30 more plans this year."
~ K. Gray, 401k Coach® Member
“I have sold 3 Agreements, each for $500, within 1 month of purchasing The 401k Coach ERISA Plan Fiduciary Indemnification System™. One of them helped me land a startup plan that will flow $400,000 per year and the other two helped me retain both an $18 Million Plan and a $5 Million Plan."
~ G. Wernette, 401k Coach® Member
"A great program for holding 401(k) plan advisors accountable toward making progress in this business. They have great material and continue to make it interesting."
~ Ted Benna, "Father of the 401(k) Plan"
"If you’re thinking about getting in, and you don’t, you better not hope you run into a 401k Coach candidate, because they’ll take you out every time"
~ T. Masin, 401k Coach® Member
"Since joining The 401k Coach Program in 2007, we've had an average annual gowth in our 401(k) business of over 40% and we ended 2010 with quite a few prospective plans in the pipeline."
~ J. Barnes, 401k Coach® Member
"In the first quarter of the new year, I added $40,000,000 in new assets using what I learned in the 401k Coach Program."
~J. Ablahani, 401k Coach® Member
"After the first year I went from $60M to $125M in 401(k) assets under management. Now, after the 2nd full year of The 401k Coach Program, I'm at $300M in assets!"
~ B. Dudl, 401k Coach® Member
"The materials The 401k Coach Program created are extremely useful. It would have cost us ten times more to create them ourselves."
~ E. Holder, 401k Coach® Member

"We just closed a $73.5 million plan with 1,600 employees based on what we learned. Kudos Charlie! You exceeded my expectations again!"
~ T. Dougherty, 401k Coach® Member

"One of the best things I've gotten out of the 401k Coach Program is having that someone who is going to support me in the 401(k) process know what's going on. Before Coach, I don't think my staff understood there was a process, what I needed their help with, or what was expected of them. After Coach, they fully understood what I do and the method to the madness."
~ H. Lamon, 401k Coach® Member
"Thanks to The 401k Coach, I have a process that differentiates me from the thundering herd and the confidence that my process is the right one for my client. This business is becoming very scary for the average rep. It’s so great not to be average."
~ J. Reardon, Coach® Member
"We have a lot more structure. Because of what is going on inside of the 401k Coach®, I have been given a direction that has been very helpful as far as getting in front of people, showing them what I have to offer, and then basically closing the deal. As far as assets, mine have tripled since joining The 401k Coach® Program."
~ C. Dewey, 401k Coach® Member
"Year 1 revolutionized what I was doing almost immediately. I was able to double my business last year and I expect we will double again this year. Don't just use some of the tools in this program...use them all - immediately! This is the single best investment I have made over the last two years!"
~ B. Pinter, Coach® Member
"Up until his year, I never got paid to do consulting on selling a retirement plan. We would talk (to a prospect) about plan design, new investment options, platforms and what was going to be right for them. And, in the process of sorting through all that, we would give that information away for free, hoping to obtain a new client. In the past year, we've had a half dozen engagements where we have garnished a fee from $4,500 to $15,000 to do those same engagements we were basically doing for free in the past. The 401k Coach was very instrumental in changing all of that for us."
~ G. Wernette, 401k Coach® Member
“I had been in business 26 yearsand had cut my teeth on defined benefit plans. Although I had alot of retirement plan knowledge, I hadn’t called on businesses in over 15years. The tools on line for advisors like me are phenomenal. I’ve created a lot of marketing and advertising pieces in 26 yearsand I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on consultants helpingme. A brochure that I customized from Charlie took me 30 minutes.”
~ Jeff Diehl, 401k Coach® Member
“I didn’t sleep for a few nights after the program,because I was so wound up working on my 401k syntax about who I am and what Ido. I learned how to create a wedgebetween the client and their current advisor without badmouthing the advisor,which is a  killer, and I’ve been able to use all The 401k Coach information in such ashort period of time. Take the plunge, trust the system, it’s that simple.”
~ David Hill, 401k Coach® Member