"Since joining The 401k Coach Program in 2007, we've had an average annual gowth in our 401(k) business of over 40% and we ended 2010 with quite a few prospective plans in the pipeline."
~ J. Barnes, 401k Coach® Member

Paychecks for Life

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Become the boss of your financial future now and start financing your Desirement Mortgage®

The 401(k) is more than a simple savings plan that allows you to put away a portion of your current income. It’s your own Paychecks for Life® Manufacturing Company. It offers incredible benefits to those who understand how to make the most of it. In Paychecks for Life, The 401k Coach, Charlie Epstein walks you through nine easy-to-understand principles for setting up your very own Paycheck Manufacturing Company.

Save BIG on orders of 2 or more books!
Differentiate your marketing by mailing Paychecks for Life to prospects and clients. It's also a great value-added for plan sponsors to gift to their employees!

Custom cover option now available for softcover books! (minimum order of 100)

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