"Since joining The 401k Coach Program in 2007, we've had an average annual gowth in our 401(k) business of over 40% and we ended 2010 with quite a few prospective plans in the pipeline."
~ J. Barnes, 401k Coach® Member

Paychecks for Life®: The Edu-tainment Experience™

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Take on a more creative and innovative approach to 401(k) education with Paychecks for Life®: The Edu-tainment Experience™. Charlie will show you how to stay engaged with participants and keep them motivated about saving for retirement. Start having the Desirement Mortgage conversation today for real impact in teaching employees to maximize their company-sponsored 401(k) plan and achieve a successful retirement outcome.

  • DVD of Charlie giving Paychecks for Life presentation
  • A CD containing
    • Paychecks for Life powerpoint slide deck
    • 6 step Edu-tainment graphic
    • DVD transcription


Please contact us if you've previously purchased the Edu-tainment with The 401k Coach and would like to upgrade to the current version.

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