"When we started the program three years ago, I think I had 4 plans. Today, I manage over 55 different plans and will look to add probably 30 more plans this year."
~ K. Gray, 401k Coach® Member

Do you really know the definition of Innovation?

September 24, 2014 (comments: 0)

Check out this recent article, Make Innovation Systematic and Never Again Ask 'Why Didn't We Think of That?' from Entrepreneur Magazine: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237539

Do you have the processes to support:

  • Diverse informations gathering
  • Creative analytical processing
  • Deep technologocal understanding
  • Tight cross-functional collaboration
  • Broad product experimentation


This is exactly what we work on in our Big Idea Focus Group. Please visit our page: http://www.the401kcoach.com/bigidea.html to learn more and get started on honing an Unfair Advantage in your marketplace!

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