"Since joining The 401k Coach Program in 2007, we've had an average annual gowth in our 401(k) business of over 40% and we ended 2010 with quite a few prospective plans in the pipeline."
~ J. Barnes, 401k Coach® Member

Can I bring along my assistant?

Yes, in fact we encourage it. Haven't you attended an industry conference or workshop and wished your staff was with you to gain firsthand knowledge and begin implementing new strategies, capabilities and 'best ideas' right out of the gate?

85% of members who brought assistants with them to the program report an increase in their staff's knowledge of the industry, understanding their advisors' role and their role as the assistant, which increased their staff's overall effectiveness and performance.*
This has lead to increased confidence for both the advisor and their staff, thus growing their sales exponentially.

*2006 University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management Survey

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