"If you’re thinking about getting in, and you don’t, you better not hope you run into a 401k Coach candidate, because they’ll take you out every time"
~ T. Masin, 401k Coach® Member

Time to Get Your Service Agreements Updated

August 31, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

The Department of Labor recently provided the final regulations to pending 408(b)(2). These will be effective...

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Finding The “Pea-Guy” In 408(b)(2) Final Reg. Fee Disclosure!

August 15, 2010 (comments: 1) | add a comment >

Remember the guy on the street corner with the little table and the three walnut shells? He would call out to an unsuspecting passerby, “$25 to find the pea, $25 to find the pea." Living in New York City, I used to love watching this guy in action,

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It’s The Experience That Counts!

July 31, 2010 (comments: 2) | add a comment >

In their ground breaking book, “The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage,” the authors Joseph Pine II and James Gilmore make a tremendous argument for the benefits of creating a compelling experience around what normally would be considered a commodity as a means to “charge more.”

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Pension Plan Deficit Reform - “I’ll Drink To That”

July 19, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

The July 2, 2010 New York Times business section had an article about Diageo, the English maker of Johnnie Walker Whiskey. Seems the company has found an innovative way to plug its gaping pension hole: handing over two million barrels of maturing whiskey from its distilleries in Scotland...

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Glide-Through or Glide-To: Which Slippery Slope Is Right For Participants?

June 13, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

When the government decided to allow corporations, who sponsor 401(k) plans, to use automatic enrollment features, it had to ensure the funds that participants were defaulted into were going to be managed in a prudent way. Default investments do not just apply for first time-enrollments. An increasing number of 401(k) participants actively choose to use default investments throughout their employment. Others roll over 401(k) plans from other companies and likewise, chose to use them.

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Paychecks For Life: The New Retirement Reality

June 7, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Ever since the 401(k) was born (by accident) in 1981, it has been widely viewed as America’s Savings Plan. However, this was not really the intention. It was meant to be a way for employees to defer extra savings (bonus money) on a pre-tax basis; as a payroll deduction benefit. It cost little or nothing to the first employers who established these programs. Now flash forward some 29 years and 4-5 trillion dollars later...

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Charlie Epstein: Named One of 401kWire’s Most Influential People In the 401(k) Industry Four Years In A Row

March 4, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Charlie Epstein Founder, The 401k Coach “Wears at least three retirement industry hats. … But it is Epstein’s third hat, the 401k Coach program, that makes him practically unique in the industry and makes him a staple ad industry conferences. Epstein trains advisors, TPAs and wholesalers on the ins and outs of dealing successfully with plan sponsors and meeting participants’ needs. He teaches sales strategies, presentation techniques and much more. … Watch for more and more advisors to turn to Epstein.”

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Education with IMPACT - The Edu-tainment Experience™

November 1, 2008 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Education is a creative act. Advice is a fiduciary act. This distinction is not only critical to understanding the role you play in moving America's workers to take action towards creating a successful retirement outcome for themselves, but also in how you play that role!

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