"If you’re thinking about getting in, and you don’t, you better not hope you run into a 401k Coach candidate, because they’ll take you out every time"
~ T. Masin, 401k Coach® Member

Plan Fees and Value-Added Services: A Win-Win Situation

May 24, 2011 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

When the 401(k) retirement plan was born in 1981, it was originally designed as a way for employees to defer extra savings or bonus money on a pre-tax basis. Today, the 401(k) has eclipsed the traditional defined benefit (DB) plan to become the primary vehicle for financing retirement in America.

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A Little Gratitude Can Go a Long Way

May 24, 2011 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Client retention comes down to two tasks: doing a great job and showing your clients that you appreciate them.

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The Edu-tainment Experience™

April 6, 2011 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

When financial advisors speak to participants at plan sponsors’ companies, they are seen as instant “experts,” the go-to person for all the participants’ 401(k) and investment needs. However, many financial advisors do not realize their potential, and they don’t make the most of their meetings with plan participants.

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How to Stay Compliant with Complicated DOL Regs

March 21, 2011 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

With complicated and ever changing 401(k) rules and regulations, make it easy for plan sponsors and fiduciaries to find their plans out of compliance. The Department of Labor’s (DOL) maze of rubrics can leave some plan sponsors and fiduciaries out of compliance without even knowing it. As advisors, we must stay up-to-date on what changes are being made and inform our clients of what they are required to do to operate within the confines of massive regulations.

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Solidify And Multiply Your Top Client Relationships

February 17, 2011 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Your most successful clients have just lived through an extraordinary economic period of time: we will look back and call this generation the “Great Economic Depression!”I believe the events of the last two years and the success your biggest clients have had in surviving this time period offer you an incredible opportunity to learn what these successful individuals did to eliminate their greatest dangers, focus on their best opportunities and enhance their greatest strengths.

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The Duty to Ask… The Duty to Tell

February 7, 2011 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Two important fiduciary issues, the Duty of Loyalty and the Duty of Prudence, were highlighted in the July 2010 court case, Tibble v Edison International. The Duty of Loyalty means that fiduciaries must act in the best interests of the plan, its participants and their beneficiaries.

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Service Agreement Recommendations

December 16, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Because of the changes made by the Department of Labor (DOL) to the 5500 Schedule C and the new rules announced by the SEC relating to 12b-1 fees, it is always a good idea to keep up to date on “Best Practices” in risk management. Below are the “Top Ten Service Agreement Must Haves” compiled by Elizabeth A. LaCombe, Chair, ERISA Practice Group.

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Lawsuit on Excessive 401(k) Plan Fees

November 29, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

The issue of excessive 401(k) plans fees and expenses finally had its day in court on the heels of the DOL’s interim final regulations on fee disclosures. A class action lawsuit, Tibble v. Edison International, claimed that fiduciaries of Edison’s 401(k) plan breached their fiduciary duties by incurring high fees and expenses. The lawsuit went to trial in the United States District Court for the Central District of California in August.

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Automatic Enrollment Presents Opportunities for Advisors

October 28, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Many 401(k) plan participants don’t know how they can maximize their success rate as defined as attaining an 80 percent real replacement of income from Social Security and their 401 (k) plan. They need help and that’s where advisors can add value to the client relationship.

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Schwab Retirement Plan Services Survey Highlights

October 27, 2010 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

The 401k industry is finally getting the message that the real focus should be on creating successful retirement outcomes for participants. What people need is a "Paycheck For Life" and a 401k plan with the proper education to help them achieve this successful outcome.

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