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~ T. Dougherty, 401k Coach® Member

February 2011

Solidify And Multiply Your Top Client Relationships

February 17, 2011 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Your most successful clients have just lived through an extraordinary economic period of time: we will look back and call this generation the “Great Economic Depression!”I believe the events of the last two years and the success your biggest clients have had in surviving this time period offer you an incredible opportunity to learn what these successful individuals did to eliminate their greatest dangers, focus on their best opportunities and enhance their greatest strengths.

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The Duty to Ask… The Duty to Tell

February 7, 2011 (comments: 0) | add a comment >

Two important fiduciary issues, the Duty of Loyalty and the Duty of Prudence, were highlighted in the July 2010 court case, Tibble v Edison International. The Duty of Loyalty means that fiduciaries must act in the best interests of the plan, its participants and their beneficiaries.

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