"Thanks to The 401k Coach, I have a process that differentiates me from the thundering herd and the confidence that my process is the right one for my client. This business is becoming very scary for the average rep. It’s so great not to be average."
~ J. Reardon, Coach® Member

About the 401k Coach Program

Since 2002, The 401k Coach Program has been developing curriculum for retirement plan professionals to build and refine their practice. We organize our sessions to actively engage and energize you. At most conferences and seminars someone stands in front of the room and presents to you with little or no connection. Not at The 401k Coach Program. Our unique and motivational learning environment provides the opportunity for you to create and practice new concepts and strategies while networking and exchanging ideas with your peers.

During your participation in The 401k Coach Program, you will also learn and interact with industry experts in the areas of Marketing, Sales Techniques, Prospecting, Practice Management and Business Development, Plan Design, 401(k) Plan Service and Retention, Ancillary Business Opportunities, Strategic Alliance Development, Litigation Issues and Technology Advancements.

To date, The 401k Coach Program has nurtured the growth and success of over 1,500 retirement plan practitioners around the country.

The 401k Coach®

Charles D. Epstein

Charles D. Epstein, CLU, ChFC, AIF®

Charles D. Epstein has over 33 years of professional experience in the financial services industry. As the principal of Epstein Financial Group, LLC and Epstein Financial Services, a registered investment advisory firm, he continually provides corporate retirement plan consulting, as well as wealth management and financial planning services to business owners, professionals and individual plan participants. He is designated as a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and is a Qualifying Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and Top of the Table Member. Additionally, Charlie is a Certified Family Business Specialist, from the American College and founder of the Family Business Center at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

In 2002, Charlie established The 401k Coach® Program, which offers training to develop the skills, systems and processes necessary to excel in the 401(k) industry. The unique learning environment of The 401k Coach Program provides retirement professionals the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and learn how to efficiently manage their responsibilities in this ever-changing industry. The Coach Program has been sponsored nationally by major financial institutions, such as Nationwide, ING, Mass Mutual, Lincoln Financial and Mutual of Omaha, as well as over 30 mutual fund companies. Over 2,500 financial professionals have participated in 401k Coach Programs across the country.

In 2010, Charlie was elected to the newly created Legg Mason Retirement Advisory Council, which is comprised of 14 retirement industry leaders in the country. The Advisory Council examines the major challenges facing retirement products, service providers and best practices observed by the industry.

401kWire has named Charlie one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the Retirement Industry along with one of the Top 300 Most Influential Retirement Plan Advisors in the U.S.

An entertaining and influential speaker, Charlie has spoken on many main industry conference platforms, including MDRT, DCPI, ASPPA and CFDD. He also has contributed many articles for industry publications, including the ASPPA Journal, Financial Advisor Magazine, BenefitsPro, Advisors4Advisors, RPMI Weekly and NAPA Net.

Charlie’s first book; Paychecks for Life: How to Turn Your 401(k) into a Paycheck Manufacturing Company, released in January 2012,has sold over 11,000 copies thus far. Paychecks for Life and its nine principles are solely focused on teaching Americans how to maximize the 401(k) mechanism to adequately save for retirement with a practical and systematic approach without getting lost in the technical jargon.

Charlie’s multi-dimensional business practices and considerable experience provide him with a unique perspective on the challenges that face the retirement plan industry; from individual financial advisors to the financial institutions manufacturing retirement products, as well as the many challenges facing plan sponsors and plan participants in achieving successful retirement plan outcomes.


The 401k Coach Team

Marie Forest

Marie Forest
Marie is the Director of Events and Client Services and has been with The 401k Coach® Program since 2004. Marie has over 20 years experience in meeting planning and coordinating events. During her career, Marie has worked closely with industry leaders in the medical and financial arenas as well as with international government associations and agencies. Prior to joining the Coach Program, Marie served as Director of Marketing for The Publick House Inn and Conference Center under the ownership of New York City-based Restaurant Associates. Marie brings expertise in site logistics and customer service. A native of Montreal, she is fluent in both French and English.

mforest@the401kcoach.com | (413) 224-3625

Amanda Walker

Amanda Walker
Amanda is the Director of Marketing and Production for The 401k Coach® Program. Amanda has more than 15 years of experience with printing, marketing, digital solutions and customer service. Prior to the 401k Coach Program, she was a Senior Account Manager with PIP Printing and Marketing Services. Her expertise is with identifying options, providing resources and in the execution of projects to maximize growth of the 401k Coach Program. Since joining The 401k Coach Program in 2008, Amanda has taken on the responsibility of The 401k Coach brand and streamlining production of session materials and new tools.

awalker@the401kcoach.com | (413) 224-3623

Danielle Hall

Danielle Hall
Danielle joined our team in 2010 and is now the Creative Director of The 401k Coach Program, responsible for the design and marketing of the Program and its materials.  With a degree in graphic design, Danielle's extensive knowledge of graphic arts and computer programs has brought our team to a new level in maximizing the growth of the 401k Coach Program, Coach member tools and resources, and the website; she also manages Paychecks for Life.

dhall@the401kcoach.com | (413) 224-3624