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The Big Idea Focus Group



December 3rd & 4th, 2015

New Orleans, LA


You are not satisfied with the status quo.
You view business through a lens of abundance, not scarcity.
You are excited about the future of our industry, not scared of it.
You want to disrupt your competition, before they disrupt you.
You seek the greatest number of unfair advantages in your market.
You are interested in growing your business exponentially, not linearly.
You crave engagement with other courageous advisors.
You want to positively impact the lives of those you serve.

If this sounds like you,
you've come to the right place.

Welcome to the Third Annual Big Idea Focus Group!

We are looking for 15 new members to join our current group of 25


2 Day

12 Months
of Ongoing
Sharing & Support


“Charlie has a unique talent of putting the spotlight on him and his practice in a way that makes me (you) evaluate how you conduct your business and drive success to the top and bottom line. It is the format that he creates in his 401k Coach Programs and Big Idea Focus Group that has me coming back year after year to hold the spotlight up on what my organization and I are doing and not doing successfully.”

 ~ Gerald Wernette, Rehman Financial
12 Year 401k Coach Member