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The Accelerator Program

October 27th & 28th Chicago



Testimonials Year 1

Now, more than ever, plan sponsors are looking to work with an intelligent 401(k) professional who can assist them to meet their fiduciary obligations while providing the guidance for successful retirement outcomes. Your ability to articulate your unique value and deliver solutions in such a competitive environment is imperative to your success.

Going forward, different and incemental thinking will NOT be sufficient enough for you and your businessto survive and thrive in this ever-changing world and 401(k) marketplace we live in. You will need to ACCELERATE your thinking, focus your activities, embrace exponential systems and technologies, and discover how to create Unfair Advantages for yourself and your company – which your competition cannot replicate!

The Accelerator Program will enhance the way you approach your business, market your business, close new business, and service your business. It will help you create Unfair Advantages in your marketplace and community. It will grow your business 10X Faster Easier and Bigger!